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Advancells, one of the pioneer stem cell company in India, is engaged in development of regenerative medicines for therapeutic applications. Human stem cells have unlimited potential to cure any disease that human body suffers from . Advancells aims to offer safe and effective treatment opportunities to patients across the globe at the highest medical standards. The company has close association with some of the best medical practitioners at world class medical centres around the world, to provide best therapeutics solutions to the patients. The company is involved in several clinical trials and innovations across the globe to improve the efficacy of the products, continuously and to establish safety of the technology. Doctors, stem cell experts and clinical research scientists in Advancells, are continuously monitoring the Quality Management System to offer excellent and innovative products. offers Advancells PRP concentrator at the best price.


Advancells PRP concentrator

Advancells PRP concentrator

₹ 4,000.00

Brand: Advancells

Catalog No.: APRPC01

Quantity/Unit: 1 test/Kit

Usually Shipped in: 4-7 Days