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Asecos is abbreviated as Approved Security Ecology Solutions for safety and environmental protection in handling and storage of hazardous materials. Asecos is certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.They are providing safety equipments including Fire-resistant cabinets: Tall cabinets (Q-LINE, S-LINE, V-LINE), Underbench cabinets (UB-LINE), Multifunctional recirculating air filter storage cabinets (FX-LINE) (CX-LINE, SLX-LINE / non-fire-resistant), Combi safety storage cabinets (K-LINE), Gas cylinder cabinets : For indoor storage (G-LINE) and outdoor storage (G-OD), Drum cabinets (XL-LINE) and Non-fire-resistant cabinets:Acid/alkali cabinets (SL-LINE), Chemical cabinets and environmental cabinets (C-LINE, E-LINE). Safety cabinets vary based on interior equipments.


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