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ELGA LabWater offers a wide range of ultrapure laboratory water purification systems. They manufacture, supply and provide services for water purification systems in R&D, healthcare, and clinical laboratories. Its PURELAB range is specifically designed to cater to your research needs so as to ensure your water purity in the laboratory for accurate and reliable results. It offers a wide range of water quality for your applications ranging from primary grade water for simple routine washing and rinsing to ultrapure (type 1) water for the most critical science and analytical applications. ELGA LabWater provides a reliable source of lab water that economically meets the required compliance of all its customers' scientific and medical applications. Buy the most suitable ELGA water purification system for your laboratory on


Brand: ELGA

Catalog No.: PLF-03

Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box

Brand: ELGA

Catalog No.: MI-Q7

Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Box