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Since 1957, Gilsons world headquarters has located in Middleton, WI and was Founded by Dr. Warren Gilson. In 2013, Pure Lab Plastics, a laboratory plastics manufacturer, joined the Gilson organization and in early 2017, another manufacturing facility opened in Vannes, France, Gilson Purification, S.A.S. They provide Automated Systems, Pipettes & Accessories such as Automated Pipetting Solutions, PIPETMAN Pipettes, Pipette Kits, Specialty Pipettes, Peristaltic Pumps, Benchtop Equipment,Pipette Accessories,and Consumables such as PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond, PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond Filter Tips,and softwares like TRILUTION LH which is a comprehensive software package for seamless automation of all Liquid Handling (LH) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) methods.


₹ 75,000.00

Brand: Gilson

Catalog No.: F167700

Quantity/Unit: 1/Kit