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Since 1957, Gilson’s world headquarters has located in Middleton, WI and was Founded by Dr. Warren Gilson. In 2013, Pure Lab Plastics, a laboratory plastics manufacturer, joined the Gilson organization and in early 2017, another manufacturing facility opened in Vannes, France, Gilson Purification, S.A.S. They provide Automated Systems, Pipettes & Accessories such as Automated Pipetting Solutions, PIPETMAN® Pipettes, Pipette Kits, Specialty Pipettes, Peristaltic Pumps, Benchtop Equipment,Pipette Accessories,and Consumables such as PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond, PIPETMAN TIPS Diamond Filter Tips,and softwares like TRILUTION LH which is a comprehensive software package for seamless automation of all Liquid Handling (LH) and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) methods. 


Brand: Gilson

Catalog No.: F167700

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