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OriGen Biomedical is an ISO 13485 certified company which has been manufacturing medical devices for the past 70 years. They mainly focus on production and development of devices to aid in cardiac care and cell culture. OriGen Biomedical produces devices within three categories - Cryopreservation, Cell culture and ECMO Respiratory. They manufacture freezing bags, tissue vaults, transfer bags, tube sealers etc., within the cryopreservation category. Within the cell culture category, OriGen Biomedicals manufactures cell culture bags and accessory sets. The ECMO Respiratory category includes catheters, centrifugal pumps and lung lavage solutions. Using BioMall, customers can access the products manufactured by OriGen Biomedicals. Customers can purchase cryostorage freezing bags of different volumes and DMSO containing vials using BioMall.


₹ 50,000.00

Brand: OriGen

Catalog No.: CP100

Quantity/Unit: 6/CASE

₹ 50,000.00

Brand: OriGen

Catalog No.: CS250N

Quantity/Unit: 6X4/CASE