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Profacgen is a protein service provider in the field of biological sciences. They have protein products for various species like human, mouse, rat, rhesus, and others. They produce recombinant proteins according to customer specification and have fermentation labs equipped with advanced bioreactors for large-scale protein production. They offer a wide range of expression systems from prokaryotic cells to eukaryotic cells to cell-free and animal free systems, from transient expression to stable expression. Some of their protein products include native human F8 protein, His tagged recombinant campylobacter CdtB protein, recombinant E. coli MBP protein, His tagged recombinant human CAPN2 protein and other such proteins.


Native Human F8 Protein

Native Human F8 Protein

Brand: Profacgen

Catalog No.: HH0070FL

Quantity/Unit: 200IU/Vial