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SBS Genetech

Beijing SBS Genetech was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Shangdi Hi-Tech Industry Park, Beijing. This company has an ISO9001: 2000 certification. Their global sales is spread to almost 30 countries.They provide custom oligonucleotides and peptide synthesis services, DNA synthesis products, nucleic acids isolation & purification kits, DNA molecular weight markers, PCR-Related Products, RNA-Related Products, Protein-Related Products, gene manipulation products, nucleic acid stains, biochemical, pre-made primers, and microtubes & tips. They are one of the pioneers of advanced high-throughput synthesizers for computer-controlled oligo synthesis, cleavage, and deprotection in a parallel-processing format. GoodViewTM, one of their products acts as a safer alternative to the traditional ethidium bromide stain. Ethidium bromide is commonly used for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels. The GoodViewTM stain emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. A range of stains under the GoodViewTM series, are supplied by Beijing SBS Genetech through BioMall.


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Brand: SBS Genetech

Catalog No.: HGV-II-1mL

Quantity/Unit: 1 mL/Vial

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Brand: SBS Genetech

Catalog No.: HGV-II-5X1mL

Quantity/Unit: 1ml x 5/Pack

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