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Bulk Drugs

Bulk drug substances and APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) are terms that used interchangeably. Both refer to the active chemical substances present in pharmaceutical formulations. They form the main ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs because of their high therapeutic value. When the bulk drug is changed, it becomes a new drug and if it is absent, there is no medicinal value. Generally other inactive ingredients are added to these bulk drugs to enhance their therapeutic value or to serve as vehicles/carriers. They are commonly known as excipients. Bulk drug is the active drug during the initial stages of formulations, which is later referred to as API when the drug is packed along with the excipients.

Bulk drugs are generally present in the powder form.  Although most formulations contain only one bulk drug, there may be chances of having multiple bulk drugs in certain formulations. Some examples of bulk drugs include steroids, vitamins, analgesics, antibiotics and sulphide drugs available to buy online on





₹ 36,875.00

Brand: Omkrown Pharmachem

Catalog No.: OM-008

Quantity/Unit: 25 kg/HDPE Drum

Availability: In stock