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Fire Safety Cabinets

Industries and laboratories use chemicals which are highly flammable and/or combustible. Improper handling/ Storing of these can lead to explosion, fire or generation of toxic gasses. The World Health Organization (WHO) in its Laboratory Biosafety manual and the Indian National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) recommends the use of fire safety measures.

A fire safety cabinet is a specially designed cabinet for storing Flammable liquids. These cabinets are made up of multiple layers of self-insulating material which is covered with stainless steel. Fire safety cabinet is a prototype of the Centralized storage facility to avoid logistical accidents while transporting the flammable liquids from the central storage to their working place. These cabinets resist fire by self-door closing mechanism and proper ventilation through exhaust ports for proper air exchange. According to EN Standard 14470, Fire resistance cabinets should be able to resist fire for minimum 30 minutes and maximum 90 minutes.

Fire safety cabinets are available in different sizes and configurations. Biomall can help you in procuring Fire safety cabinet, as desired, from popular brands such as ASECOS and many more.


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