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Melting Point Apparatus

Melting point apparatus is a scientific instrument which can measure the melting point of a substance. Generally, these devices facilitate the sample loading in a sealed capillary (melting point capillary) which is to be placed in the apparatus. The sample is heated, either by an oil bath or a heating block, and as the temperature rises, the sample is observed for a change of phase from solid to liquid. The operator of the apparatus records the temperature at the initial phase change when the substance begins to melt, and the temperature of completed phase change when the substance has fully melted. The temperature range is obtained, which can then be averaged to determine the melting point of the sample being examined.
These melting point equipment may feature a control panel which allows the starting and final temperatures, as well as the temperature gradient, to be programmed. Some models have several channels which allow more than one sample to be tested at a time. Different types of melting point apparatuses include Fisher-Johns apparatus, Thiele tube, Gallenkamp (Electronic) melting point apparatus and automatic melting point apparatus.


Visual Melting Range Apparatus (MR-Vis)

Visual Melting Range Apparatus (MR-Vis)


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