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Oil Bath

Oil baths are generally used in a laboratory to heat up chemical reactions. Basically, it is an assembly which houses a container of oil, heated by a hot plate or a Bunsen burner (in some cases). It has an aluminum or stainless-steel pan, a heavy porcelain dish or thick-walled Pyrex® glass to withstand breakage and accidental spill. For reactions requiring heating/reflux temperatures up to 200°C, mineral oil or silicone oil is the primary choice. Oil baths provide uniform heat when compared to other heating devices. The electric heating coil (or oil bath on a hot plate) can be controlled using a variable voltage controller (i.e., Variac). The voltage controller can be adjusted to increase or decrease the temperature setting of the oil bath. Heating mantles are not supposed to be plugged directly into an outlet. In case of any spillage, granular clay absorbents, universal polypropylene sorbent pads, or other oil-specific absorbent pads can be used to soak up the spilled oil. 


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