1 mm 12-well Comb, RS

1 mm 12-well Comb, RS

Brand: BioSpan

Catalog No.: 2392061

Quantity/Unit: 1 unit/Pack

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Product Description

Gel electrophoresis is performed for separation and analysis of macromolecules. Proteins, RNA and DNA can be separated based on their properties, such as molecular weight on a stationary phase like a gel. This gel is a polymer prepared from the crosslinking of acrylamide and polyacrylamide monomers. The gel is set with wells made in them, where the sample to be analysed can loaded. The voltage supplied across the gel moves the samples out from the wells across the gel and separates out according to molecular weight. The wells are prepared using special combs. These combs are inserted into the gel before it sets and solidifies. Specifications: Product name: 1 mm 12-well Comb, RS Brand name: ATTO Number of wells: 12 Thickness: 1mm Material: Teflon