100 Sample Nitrogen Evaporator-AT-EV-100

100 Sample Nitrogen Evaporator-AT-EV-100

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: AT-EV-100

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Product Description

100 Sample Nitrogen Evaporator with Automated Evaporation System is supplied by Athena Technology. Nitrogen evaporators are used to prepare samples for analysis. Used in many industries, such as food, biotechnology, analytical chemistry, petroleum, and environmental sciences, nitrogen evaporators dry and concentrate samples so that tests like mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can be performed on them. Samples are loaded into the nitrogen evaporator and then nitrogen blowdown is used, sometimes in conjunction with heat, to rid the sample of moisture. It provides heat as well as nitrogen blowdown to evaporate the samples.It is a precision sample concentrator by nitrogen purging. It can be used for multiple sample pre-concentration of in organic media. The unit can be set to a constant Flow and constant Temperature to ensure good evaporation. It is fully microprocessor controlled and water bath, Temperature, gas station, more advantage LCD display, over Temp.

Product specifications:

• Water tank capacity: 10.5 Litres

• Time: 15 sec to 10 hrs

• Temperature range: Ambient to 95 Degree C (thermal cutout for safety)

• Sample Capacity: 100 Nos, Gas Line- 5 Nos

• Power supply: 230 V AC / 3 Amp

• Gas Pressure range: 0 to 100 PSI

• Display: LCD Digital Display for TIME & TEMP


• Compact Size Tabletop Model.

• The gap between tank & Body well insulated with imported Glass wool Sheet.

• Water Jet Cutting & CNC fabrication.

• Best Quality powder coated.

• Digital Display.

• Specially Designed Silicon self Adhesive Heater fitted at the bottom side of the water tank

• Auto Cut off Sensor for process Timer, Heating & gas.

• Pneumatic Fitting Janatics & Parker Make are using.

• Pressure Gauge WIKA Make.

• Side Handles for easy to carry.

• Water tank, Test tube Rack & Nozzle Manifold Make SS 316

• Well, efficient & adjustable ventilation.

• Gas Path Transparent Non-Breakable Tubing.

• CE Certified & ISO 9001:2008

• Technology: Vortex Sharing Technology

• Controlled: Fully Microprocessor based

• Nitrogen Flow: Both side Nozzle flow for quick evaporation

• Auto Cut off Sensor for process Timer, Heating & gas.

• Temperature set-up / down arrow keys (1°C)

• Start/stop: Green LED indication when the process is On.

• Error indication: LED indication with Buzzer

• Certifications :ISO 9001 : 2008 & CE Certified

• Gas stations: 5 Nos. with LED indication, gas can be turned on each of independent manifolds when working with samples

• Heater: Internal heaters, adjustable from ambient to 95°C

• Digital LCD Display

• Automatic Control through microprocessor-based keypad for all gas stations.

• Pressure Settable

• TIME & TEMP LCD Display with microprocessor-based controlled

• Start and Stop LED Indication with Alarm

• Fully Automatic controller

• 100 sample Evaporator



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