100ul, Filtered, Racked, Pre-sterilized Pipette Tips

100ul, Filtered, Racked, Pre-sterilized Pipette Tips

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Brand: BioPointe Scientific

Catalog No.: 342-4050

Quantity/Unit: 960 pieces/Pack

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Product Description

BioPointe Scientific 100l filter barrier pipette tips have porous barrier filters in Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). These tips have a thin-wall design for a great fit and seal perfectly with every use.

Capacity: 100 l
Tips provided: Racks of pre-sterilized 10 96 tips/pack in 5 packs
Graduation marks present at 20 and 100l volumes.
Available in regular polypropylene and Low Retention
PrecisePointe prevents liquid hang up and ensures accurate pipetting
Compatible with Gilson Pipetman P2/P10 and Eppendorf Ultra Micro style pipettes

These filter barrier tips block aerosols by merging radioactive, chemical or biological contaminants before they come in contact with the pipettor shafts. This eliminates unwanted signals induced from residual RNA/DNA transferred in trace amounts by aerosol cross-contamination. They also prevent accidental over-pipetting of fluids without risk of sample lock-up. Low Retention products contain an ultra-hydrophobic surface which prevents liquid adhesion to the pipette walls ensuring maximum recovery of precious samples and reagents.

Accurate graduation marks provide a visual confirmation of the liquid volume being aspirated /dispensed, combined with the perfect fine-point orifice of the tips that provide the highest levels of accuracy and reproducibility. These tips fit all popular manufacturers of single and multichannel pipettes, which is ideal as it reduces the extra number of tip brands required in a laboratory.

These 100 l tips ensure a perfect, hassle-free pipetting performance with precise additions of minute volumes of samples or reagents, in microbiology, molecular biology, PCR and many more applications.