1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, 98%,100gm

1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, 98%,100gm

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1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, 98%, supplied by Avra Synthesis, is a fine chemical that is utilized as an industrial bleaching agent. it is also utilized in processes where solid bleach is required. The chemical plays a role as a mild chlorinating agent in organic synthesis, sanitizer in swimming pools, laundries, restaurants, cutting oils and pharmaceutical factories as a cleaner/disinfectant.


1. Name: 1,3-Dichloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, 98%

2. Category: Fine chemicals

3. Brand: Avra Synthesis

4. Pack size: 100gm

5. Catalog number: ASD1832.100gm

6. Physical state: solid


1. Appearance: White color powder

2. CAS: 118-52-5

3. Molecular formula: C5H6Cl2N2O2

4. Molecular weight: 197.02

5. Melting point: 130-133C

6. Solubility: Soluble in methanol

7. Purity (by assay): NLT 98.00%

8. Density: 1.58

9. Storage: Store at +15C to +25C

10. LOD:NMT 1.00%

11. Synonym:

a) Dantoin

b) Dactin

c) Daktin

d) Dichlorantin

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