13 mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45 u

13 mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45 u

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Product Description

13 mm Nylon Syringe Filter 0.45 u is uniquely designed to meet the advance standards for laboratory experiments. The syringe filters are ideal for carrying out the filter sterilization of organic solvents, aqueous solutions, air/gas etc. The PVDF syringe filters easily fit into a variety of sizes of syringes. They provide a minimum holding up of a sample and can withstand heavy pressure. The syringe filters are compatible with a wide range of samples, solutions, and chemicals to prevents any cross contamination due to leaching or extraction activity. The PVDF syringe filters are produced in a high-quality environment under controlled conditions. The membrane of the filter provides minimum binding of protein samples thus reducing the overall loss of sample. The syringe filters have a wide range of applications such as -Filtration of High-Value Protein or Small Molecule Components, Select Medical Device etc.

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