15 ml centrifuge tubes bulk sterile

15 ml centrifuge tubes bulk sterile

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Brand: LabServ

Catalog No.: LSCT15BS

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Product Description

Labserv sterile polypropylene (PP) graduated 15 ml centrifuge tubes are clear, gamma resistant tubes with HDPE flat cap and conical bottom. They have longer length screw caps and easy-to-read black graduations (accurate to +/-2% for 1 ml increments) with a large unerasable frosted white writing area. The graduations and writing areas are chloroform-resistant. They also have engraved graduation at the conical bottom of each centrifuge tube. They are autoclavable at 121°C and freezable to -80°C. Labserv 15 ml centrifuge tubes are leak-proof, non-pyrogenic and centrifuge-safe upto 12,500g RCF. 


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