178 Ltr Semi Automatic Autoclave

178 Ltr Semi Automatic Autoclave

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Brand: ANM Industries

Catalog No.: FSSA 1780

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Product Description

178 Ltr Semi Automatic Autoclave; manufactured by ANM Industries, used for sterilization of samples in laboratories. They can be utilized in many industry sectors including laboratory, healthcare, clinics and hospitals, pharmaceutical research, tissue culture and agriculture, etc. It is ideal for the sterilization of small research tools and consumables in any lab.

Product specifications:

• Chamber Dimension: 550 x 750 mm

• Power Consumption (KW): 6KW

• Operating Temperature: 121 Deg C/134 Deg C

• Capacity: 178 Liters

• Sterilization Time: 0-99 Mins

• Shipping Size: 1125x975x1475 mm

• Operating Pressure: 1.2-2.1 Kg/cm2

• Gross Weight: 225 kg

• Construction: SS 304

• Voltage: 230 V


• Pedal free design

• Reduced loading height

• Microprocessor based precise controlling

• No hinge or shaking lids

• 178 Ltr Semi Automatic Autoclave has flexible load sensor

• 178 Ltr Semi Automatic Autoclave  can accommodate a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plastic ware and other common research laboratory items and equipment


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