2-Chlorobenzaldehyde, 98%,2.5lt

2-Chlorobenzaldehyde, 98%,2.5lt

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Cyclohexane, 98%, is supplied by Avra Synthesis. It appears as a clear and colorless liquid and has a molecular formula CH. Its molecular weight is 84.16 gm/mol. It is miscible with dichloromethane. Cyclohexane is utilized as a nonpolar solvent for the chemical industry, and also as a raw material for the industrial production of adipic acid and caprolactam.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Name: Cyclohexane, 98% Brand: Avra Synthesis Pack size: 2.5lt Catalog number: ASC1502.2.5lt PRODUCT FEATURES: CAS Number: 110-82-7 Physical State: Liquid Molecular Weight: 84.16 Storage: Store at Room Temperature Boiling Point: 80-81C Melting Point: 4-7C Density: 0.779 Molecular Formula: CH Description: Clear and colorless liquid Specific gravity at 25C: 0.778-0.779 Moisture content by KF (% w/w): NMT 0.50% Purity by GC (Area %): NLT 98.00 %

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