-20 Deg Mini Cooler 32 Places (1.5 ml)

-20 Deg Mini Cooler 32 Places (1.5 ml)

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Product Description

526030 is referred as -20 °C  Mini Cooler 32 Places (1.5 ml) under Tarsons  Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category Cooler and Cryoware. 526030  -20 °C  Mini Cooler 32 Places (1.5 ml) is an alternate to ice buckets for keeping reagents and enzymes cool. It also protects critical samples from temperature fluctuations in the freezers.  It is essential to freeze -20°C minicooler for 24 hours at -20°C to -25°C before use.



• -20 °C Mini Cooler 32 Places (1.5 ml)

• Material: PC/Non-toxic gel

• Places: 32

• Capacity:1.5 ml 

• Pack size: 1 piece per pack