5C18-AR-II Packed Column-38145-21

5C18-AR-II Packed Column-38145-21

  • Brand: PCI Analytics
  • Catalog No.: 5C18-AR-II-38145-21
  • Quantity/Unit: 1 EA/Pack


HPLC Column is designed exclusively with the industrial grade to separate and analyze the individual component and part of chemical mixtures. The Cosmosil used in HPLC columns is silica which offers high surface area thus improving the overall separation and purification of individual components in its purest form. The high-quality silica has small and a narrow particle size making the purification and separation process far more efficient in comparison to any other material. The column comes in 250mm X 4.6mm X 5mm dimensions. The HPLC column has a wide variety of applications in pharmaceutical, molecular biology and environmental sciences.