ACCUPIPETTE - Variable Volume Pipette T20, 2-20 ul

ACCUPIPETTE - Variable Volume Pipette T20, 2-20 ul

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Product Description

2-20 ul ACCUPIPETTE is supplied by Tarsons.It has a single channel. It offers good comfort, performance, reliability and repeatability during use. 2-20 ul ACCUPIPETTE  can be use used in chemistry, biology, forensic, pharmaceutical, and drug discovery labs. Variable Volume Pipettes are ideal pipetting units which can be used to dispense dense or viscous liquids. These lightweight micropipettes are easy to handle and suitable for all types of routine laboratory applications.


• Rugged construction

• Easy to calibrate

• Lightweight

• Ensures soft plunger movement

• High accuracy & precision

• Autoclavable Tip Ejector and Tip Holder

• Individual factory calibration certificate with each ACCUPIPETTE is provided

Product Specifications:

• Capacity : 2- 20ul

• Material: PVDF/ SS

• Packing: 1 pc


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