AccuShield Face Shield

AccuShield Face Shield

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Brand: Accurex Biomedical

Catalog No.: 100011

CAS No: 2345678-11-9

Quantity/Unit: 10 pcs/Pack

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Product Description

The novel Corona Virus Disease is caused by the virus novel SARS CoV-2. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets from an infected person. Since the route of transmission is aerial, it is important to cover and protect the face and nose from infectious particles in the air. Over the past few months, several personal protective equipment has become available, which protects the user from infectious particles. The face shield is an effective form of PPE which covers the face of the user, ths providing a barrier to the entry of any air-borne infectious droplets. The AccuShield Face Shield from Accurex Biomedical is designed to cover 95% of the face and can be used in multiple sectors including hospitals. The mask is optically clear and its structure protects the user from all sides. The shield can be sanitized and reused multiple times. The shield is available in a free-size and can be worn easily.

The following are the properties of the AccuShield Face Shield:

Dimensions: 420 mm X 230 mm (Width X Height)

Composition: PVC/PET materials

Colour: Clear transparent

Catalogue number: 100011

Quantity: 100 pieces per pack


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