AccuShield Sanitizer- 1000ml

AccuShield Sanitizer- 1000ml

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Brand: Accurex Biomedical

Catalog No.: 10004

CAS No: 234567-1-22

Quantity/Unit: 1000ml/Bottle

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Product Description

The novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), caused by the novel SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory disease. The symptoms of the disease include difficulty in breathing, fever and flu. The virus spreads from infected to non-infected person through respiratory fluids. Given this, it is important to sanitize hands regularly and especially after one touches high-contact surfaces like stairway rails, doorknobs, ATM buttons, etc. The AccuShield Sanitizer has WHO based formula, effective in killing the SARS-CoV 2. It has a 80% composition of ethanol and also has a fragrant agent, giving it a pleasant smell. The sanitizer has the following components:

- Ethyl alcohol – 80%

- Glycerol – 1.45%

- Hydrogen peroxide – 0.125%

The AccuShield Sanitizer must be used undiluted for best antisepsis action. One drop must be squeezed onto washed and dried hands. Rub the hands together to ensure that the sanitizer reaches all the surfaces of the palm including the gaps between fingers, back of the palm and the gap of the fingernails. It is important to ensure that the sanitizer dries off completely.

Catalogue number: 10004

Quantity: 1000 mL


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