Acetyl chloride, 98%,2.5lt

Acetyl chloride, 98%,2.5lt

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Product description:

Acetyl chloride, 98%, is a specialty chemical belongs to Acids and solvent category. It is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. It is an organic compound. It is used for acylation reaction. It is used in the preparation of esters of amides. Acetyl chloride is used in Friedel-craft acylation reaction. At Finar, we have developed Acetyl chloride, 98% to ease your day-to-day challenges. It is manufactured and packed under a closed, controlled and an inert environment to prevent contamination, which offers you better stability, minimal interference during analysis and high level of accuracy in your analytical results.

Product features:

  • Appearance : Clear and colorless liquid
  • Solubility : Miscible with Chloroform
  • Specific gravity at 20 C : 1.103-1.105
  • Boiling Point : 50-52C

Product specifications:

  • Product name : Acetyl chloride, 98%,2.5lt
  • Brand name : FINAR
  • Catlog number : ASA1009.2.5lt
  • CAS number : 75-36-5
  • Molecular formula : CHClO
  • Molecular weight :78.5
  • Assay(GC) : NLT 98.00%
  • Quantity : 2.5 ltr.

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