Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide solution 30% (19:1)-ML036-100ML

Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide solution 30% (19:1)-ML036-100ML

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  • Catalog No.: ML036-100ML
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Acrylamide/ Bis-acrylamide Solution 30% (19:1) is supplied by HiMedia. It is available in the form of a colourless solution. Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide Solution 30% (19:1) is based upon the total weight of both the acrylamide and bis-acrylamide which are mixed in 19:1 ratio. The solution is provided in a ready-to-use form, reducing the dust, inhalation, and contact hazard associated with weighing and preparing acrylamide and bis-acrylamide powders and solution. It is prepared from highly pure nuclease free electrophoresis grade acrylamide and bis-acrylamide in ultrapure water and finally filtered through a 0.2 m filter. It is advisable to store this product at 2-8C.

SDS-PAGE is used for the separation of proteins through electrophoresis and it is based on the fact that charged molecules will migrate through a matrix upon application of an electrical field. The matrix for protein electrophoresis separation is polyacrylamide. Acrylamide is a potentially dangerous chemical compound that is mainly used to synthesize polyacrylamide which in turn is used in gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Polyacrylamide is a commonly used electrophoresis matrix for size separation of proteins and nucleic acids. The gel matrix is formed by free radical polymerization of Acrylamide and a crosslinker (Bis-acrylamide). N, N-Methylenebisacrylamide is used as a reversible cross-linking reagent during the polymerization of polymers such as polyacrylamide. Acrylamide monomers polymerize into long chains by a reaction initiated by a free radical-generating system. These chains become cross-linked by N, N-Methylenebisacrylamide and form a gel. The Acrylamide/Bis-acrylamide solution is used in protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis.

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