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Catalog No.: 0022A 00100

CAS No: 7440-44-0

Quantity/Unit: 100 gm/Bottle

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Product Description

Activated charcoal by Research Lab Fine Chem Industries is a high grade reagent. Also known as activated carbon, this is a processed form of carbon which has small, low-volume pores that increases the surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. It is generally derived from charcoal and is sometimes utilized as biochar. As a result of its high degree of microporosity, it is estimated that a single gram of activated carbon contains a surface area in excess of 3000 m2. CAS Number: 7440-44-0 Quantity provided: 100 gm per bottle Chemical formula: C Atomic weight: 12.01 Analytical grade reagent phosphorous free Activated charcoal has a wide range of applications in biological and chemical industries. This reagent is extensively used in air purification, decaffeination, gold purification, metal extraction, water purification, filters in compressed air and many other applications. It is used in combination with celite, as a stationary phase in low-pressure chromatographic separation of carbohydrates. Activated charcoal is frequently employed on a laboratory scale to purify solutions of organic molecules containing unwanted coloured organic impurities. It is additionally used by organic farmers in livestock production and wine making. This reagent is ideal for the synthesis of various compound in industrial processes, and is furthermore widely used in research applications.

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