Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 10 - 100 uL

Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 10 - 100 uL

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Brand: Socorex

Catalog No.: 825.0100

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 10 - 100 uL. Acura manual offers a range of air displacement micropipettes which are designed for precise and easy pipetting. It is modelled to allow comfortable pipetting even during long work hours. Acura manual 825 digital pipettes are light weight and have a soft plunger travel. The ejector button has a large surface and has a soft padding which allows low-pressure activation. The ejector shaft height adjustment system, called Justip allows the user to select among a wide range of tips. These micropipettes can be easily disassembled and are autoclavable. It is also equipped with an instant calibration system.

  • Model Name: Acura manual 825

  • Volume dispensed: 10 to 100uL

  • Division: 0.1uL

  • Tip style: 200uL

  • Weight: 92g


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