Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000 uL

Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000 uL

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Acura® manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000μL.

Micropipettes are liquid handling systems which are routinely used in microbiology, environmental science, medical, academic and research labs. Digital micropipettes operate on a vacuum creation system, which draws a desired amount of fluid into a disposable plastic chamber. The micropipette consists of a plunger button which is used to draw the liquid. This button is connected to the piston assembly, through the plunger rod. The piston assembly, consisting the piston, springs, seal and O-ring create the vacuum, which draws up the liquid into the plastic microtip. To dispense the liquid, the vacuum is selectively released. The used microtip is removed using the tip ejector mechanism to prevent cross-contamination.

Acura® manual is designed to be user-friendly. It is modelled for comfort in use and precision. The digital micropipettes have a display window for permanent volume visibility. To ensure safety in operations, the micropipettes are shock, heat and UV light resistant. The pipettes have a JusTip™ ejector system that is ergonomically positioned and has a large surface, padded ejector button, which allows ease of use. Also, this system has an adjustable shaft height which allows the use of a wide range of tight-fitting tips. 

Model Name: Acura® manual 825

Volume dispensed: 100 to 1000μL

Division: 1μL

Tip style: 1000μL

Weight: 95g


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