Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000 uL

Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000 uL

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Brand: Socorex

Catalog No.: 825.1000

Quantity/Unit: 1/pack

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Product Details

Acura manual 825 digital micropipette 100 - 1000uL. Acura manual is designed to be user-friendly. It is modelled for comfort in use and precision. The digital micropipettes have a display window for permanent volume visibility. To ensure safety in operations, the micropipettes are shock, heat and UV light resistant. The pipettes have a JusTip ejector system that is ergonomically positioned and has a large surface, padded ejector button, which allows ease of use. Also, this system has an adjustable shaft height which allows the use of a wide range of tight-fitting tips.

  • Model Name: Acura manual 825

  • Volume dispensed: 100 to 1000uL

  • Division: 1uL

  • Tip style: 1000uL

  • Weight: 95g


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