Adenosine Receptor A2A Blocking Peptide-10092

Adenosine Receptor A2A Blocking Peptide-10092

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Adenosine Receptor A2A is a multi-pass membrane protein that is normally localized to the plasma membrane.1 This receptor is part of the G-protein coupled receptor family that binds adenosine and keeps it in equilibrium inside and outside the cell. Along with establishing this equilibrium, A2AR serves multiple functions and antagonists of this receptor have been targeted for the treatment of Parkinsons disease.2,3 This protein is primarily found in the striatum, but can also be found in immune cells and other tissues as well.2 A2AR is 412 amino acids long with an expected molecular weight of 45 kDa. The receptor also has multiple glycosylation sites that explain the higher band shift seen in western blotting.1