AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab Kit

AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab Kit

Brand: BioSpan

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Gel electrophoresis is performed routinely in laboratories for the separation and analysis of various macromolecules such as proteins, DNA and RNA. It is used in molecular biology, diagnostic, forensic, chemical and biological laboratories. SDS-PAGE is a type of electrophoresis wherein the macromolecules are separated based on their molecular weight. The macromolecules are allowed to move under the influence of an electric field within a stationary phase. This stationary phase is a gel made of a polymer of the acrylamide and bis-acrylamide monomers. The gel is placed in a buffer and a voltage difference is applied across the two ends. The gel is cast using gel casting plates and kits. The AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab Kit is designed to offer high resolution in SDS-PAGE or Native PAGE experiments. It allows the separation of nucleic acids and proteins in a simple and efficient manner. The equipment design vouches for reliable results of high quality. The smiling effect seen in gels can also be eliminated using this system. The equipment is incorporated with a highly efficient heat dissipation and a sideways current avoiding system. This prevents the outward spreading of bands. The apparatus also does not allow buffer leakage. With this apparatus, users can perform protein separation, identification, purity conformation, screening of protein expression etc. Specifications: Product name: AE-6500 Dual Mini Slab Kit Manufacturer: BioSpan Gel dimensions: 90mm X 80mm X 1 mm (width X length X thickness) Number of gels: Two


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