Aluminium Plate Seal- 157200

Aluminium Plate Seal- 157200

  • Brand: TARSONS
  • Catalog No.: 157200
  • Quantity/Unit: 100/Pack


157200 is referred as Aluminium Plate Seal under Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd. Catalogue, category PCR Foils and Seals.157200 Aluminium Plate Seal are used in PCR and qPCR applications. This disposable adhesive aluminized seal provides a sealing option for plates. A pressure applied by the heated lid of a thermal cycler is needed to keep the seal well closed during thermal cycle.


Aluminium Plate Seal

Material: Aluminium

Suited for cold storage after the PCR reaction


Temperature range -80C to 150C

Pack size: 100 seals per pack