Ammonia Gas Regulator-AMR

Ammonia Gas Regulator-AMR

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Product Description

Ammonia Gas Regulator-AMR is supplied by Athena Technology. It has double gauge Ammonia Regulator , specially designed for pressure control of corrosive ammonia gases .It regulates the high pressure gas cylinder or pipeline for required working pressure and ensure outlet pressure steady when input pressure and outlet flow changes. Measuring system, pointer and case of the ss pressure gauge are made of high qaulity stainless steel. It is widely used for regulating high pressure ammonia gas in pipeline or cylinder for required working pressure.

 Product specifications:

• Flow Capacity (kg per hr.): 500lpm

• Pressure (Bar): 0-16

• Size: 2 gauge

• Material: Stainless Steel, SS316L

• Outlet pressure gauge: 0-7 kg/cm2

• Inlet pressure: 0-42 kg/cm2

• Diaphragm: SS 316 with Teflon Seat


• High pressure single stage regulator with SS 316 body with SS 316 diaphragm with purge value for Ammonium gases.

• Athena NH3 Regulator

• All stainless steel material

• High quality

• Safety valve design

• Stable performance High Purity

• Light weight

• Sturdy design

• Easy installation



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