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AMMONIUM REINECKATE is a product provided by Research-Lab Fine Chem Industries. Laboratory reagents are chemicals which are used in laboratories as a part of experimental procedures. These reagents can be important parts of chemical reactions, analytical reagents or starting material for the production of other materials.

This AMMONIUM REINECKATE is of laboratory grade. This is an ammonium salt and is soluble in boiling water, acetone, and ethanol. Ammonium reineckate can be prepared by treating molten NH4SCN with (NH4)2Cr2O7. Ammonium reineckate has a variety of applications in chemical and biological sectors. This reagent has been widely used to precipitate primary and secondary amines as their ammonium salts. It is additionally a color reagent and precipitant for mercury, giving a red colour or precipitate. Ammonium reineckate participates in the quantitative precipitation of histones as well as basic compounds present in an acid tissue extract by forming reineckate complexes. This compound may additionally be used for the fabrication of bulk Meldola blue-zirconium phosphate-Reinecke salt screen-printed electrodes. This reagent is suitable for industrial synthesis of products and research applications.

CAS number: 13573-16-5

Molecular Formula: C4H10CrN7S4 .H2O

Molecular Weight: 354.44 g/mol

Appearance: Red coloured powder

Melting point: 270 C

Assay: Min. 95%


Reinecke's salt


Catalogue number: 00129 00100

Unit: 1 bottle

Quantity: 100 gm per unit

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