Antibiotic Assay Medium  No.2

Antibiotic Assay Medium No.2

Brand: Micromaster

Catalog No.: DM015U-500g

Quantity/Unit: 500g/Pack

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Product Description

High grade Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 2 is supplied by Micromaster. It is available in the form of a cream to yellow homogeneous free flowing powder which has a pH in the range of 6.4 to 6.8. This product should be stored between 10-30°C in a tightly closed container. Once opened, it should be properly stored, after tightly capping the bottle. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the product, there could be chances of lump formation which can be avoided by proper storage. Store in dry ventilated area protected from extremes of temperature and sources of ignition.

• Quantity provided: 500 g/pack

This medium is commonly used as base agar for microbiological agar diffusion assays for wide variety of antibiotics. Agar diffusion assays can be performed by cylinders, punched-hole or paper disc tests. This medium is identical numerically with the name assigned by Grove and Randall. Antibiotic Assay Medium No. 2 is equivalent to Antibiotic Assay Medium No.B as per Indian Pharmacopoeia .Peptone, yeast and HM peptone B provide the nitrogenous and carbonaceous compounds, long chain amino acids, vitamins and mineral requirement for the growth of test organisms. This medium provides solidified substratum for growth of organims and supports the overlayering of soft agar. While performing the assay, the Antibiotic assay medium No.2 is used as a Base Agar. This medium should be prepared on the same day as the test. For the cylinder method, a base layer of 21 ml is required.