Autoclave Tape-9144-00-18-K

Autoclave Tape-9144-00-18-K

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Brand: Cantech

Catalog No.: 9144-00-18-K

Quantity/Unit: 6 Nos/Pack

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Product Description

  • Latex and Lead free
  • Designed to seal packs that are exposed to steam sterilization.
  • The tape distinguishes between items processed and unprocessed in sterilization processes. Designed for use in gravity sterilizers or pre-vacuum sterilizers.
  • The white indicator lines turn black once exposed to steam process.
  • Designed primary for disposable wrap.
  • The printed indicator lines won't rub off even through live steam pressure.
  • Easy to handle, it adheres on proper contact and stays in place through live steam pressure.
  • Size 18 MM Width x 50 Mtr Length