Benedict's Reagent (Qualitative)

Benedict's Reagent (Qualitative)

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Brand: Micromaster

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Benedict's Reagent is a commonly used laboratory reagent. Chemically, the reagent is made of copper sulphate pentahydrate and sodium citrate. The main function of this reagent is to detect reducing sugars. Hence, it is used to detect aldehydes, alpha-hydroxy-ketones, hemiacetal. A positive tests using Benedict's Reagent imparts a clear blue to brick-red. The Benedict's Reagent contains copper ions. When the reducing sugars are heated with an alkali, they form a compound called enediols. Enediols have strong reducing properties and reduce the copper ions in the reagent into cuprous ions. This reagent may also be used as a quantitative reagent. The potassium thiocyanate forms a white precipitate with reducing sugars. This can be titrated against 1% glucose to obtain quantitative results.


Product name: Benedict's Reagent

Brand Micromaster


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