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BHAT BIO-SCAN ANTI-AB (IgM) MONOCLONAL is supplied by BHAT BIO-TECH.It is intended to use as a reagent for the detection of the 'AB' antigen present on human red blood cell. Human red blood cells possessing AB antigen will agglutinate when mixed with Anti-AB antibody, directed towards AB antigen. Agglutination of red blood cells with Anti-AB is a positive test reaction and indicates the presence of AB antigens on the RBCs. Absence of agglutination of red blood cells with Anti-AB is a negative test result and it indicates the absence of AB antigen on the RBCs. The reagents must be stored at 2 to 8C. The reagents must not be used beyond the expiry date mentioned on it. Before performing the test all the reagents must be brought to room temperature. The reagents must be replaced to 0 2 to 8C soon after performing the test. The reagents must not be freezed.

Contents of kit:

Anti-AB (IgM) Monoclonal


-Blood grouping antibodies for slide & tube test.

- Avidity <10>

- Titer-1:256

- Shelf life of 24 months at 2-80 C.

- Specificity above 99% & Sensitivity 98%

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