Bile Esculin Identification Disc

Bile Esculin Identification Disc

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Quantity/Unit: 50 discs/vial

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For lab/research use only, unless otherwise specified

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Product Details

Bile Esculin Discs are supplied by Micromaster. They are available in the form of plain filter paper discs having a diameter of 6mm. It is advisable to store these discs between 2-8°C for maximum efficiency.

• Quantity provided: 50 discs/vial

Bile Esculin Discs are used for detection of esculin hydrolysis in the presence of bile, for differentiating Group D streptococci from other Streptococcal groups. Group D streptococci hydrolyze esculin to esculetin and dextrose. Esculetin reacts with an iron salt such as ferric citrate to form a blackish brown coloured complex. Rochaix found that esculin hydrolysis is an important criterion in the identification of enterococci. Meyer and Schonfeld observed that when bile was added to esculin medium, around 60% enterococci were able to grow and split the esculin while other streptococci could not. When a comparative study was performed by Facklam and Moody for presumptive identification of Group D streptococci, they found the bile esculin test as a reliable means of identifying Group D streptococci and differentiating them from other streptococci groups.



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