Bismuth Sulphite Agar-DM039-100g

Bismuth Sulphite Agar-DM039-100g

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Catalog No.: DM039-100g

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High grade Bismuth Sulphite Agar Medium is supplied by Micromaster. It is available in the form of a light yellow to greenish yellow homogeneous free flowing powder with a pH in the range of 7.5 to 7.9. Peptone and HM Peptone B serve as sources as carbon, nitrogen, long chain amino acids, vitamins and essential growth factors. Dextrose is the carbon source. Disodium phosphate maintains the osmotic equilibrium. Bismuth sulphite indicator along with brilliant green inhibits the intestinal gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Ferrous sulphate aids in detection of hydrogen sulphide production. This product should be stored below 30°C in a tightly closed container. Once opened, it should be properly stored, after tightly capping the bottle. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the product, there could be chances of lump formation which can be avoided by proper storage. Store in dry ventilated area protected from extremes of temperature and sources of ignition.

• Quantity provided: 100 g/pack

Bismuth Sulphite Agar is a modification of original Wilson and Blair Medium. It is one of the various media employed for the isolation and preliminary identification of Salmonellae, particularly Salmonella typhi. It is also recommended by various Associations for the isolation and preliminary identification of Salmonella Typhi and other Salmonellae from pathological materials, sewage, water, food and other productsBismuth Sulphite Agar may be inhibitory to some strains of Salmonella species and therefore should not be used as the sole selective medium for these organisms. 


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