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Blood Collection Tube Non Vacuum-K2EDTA 1ml

Blood Collection Tube Non Vacuum-K2EDTA 1ml

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These 1 ml K2 EDTA Non Vacuum tubes are supplied by MB Lab Consumables, a leading manufacturer of the field. These tubes are manufactured using only the best quality raw material as well as sophisticated technology by skilled professionals who strictly follow the industry set parameters ensuring nothing but the best possible products. These violet coloured cap tubes are widely used in the field of hematology and by blood banks. It contains EDTA K2 as anticoagulant. This 2 ml K2 EDTA Non Vacuum tube are 13X75 mm in dimension. The additive in these tubes is K2 EDTA (1.7 mg/ml 10%). It prevents blood coagulation and keeps the blood cells intact. The tube interior is coated spray-dried with K2 EDTA i.e. dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic

acid. The K2 EDTA salt inhibits the coagulation of the blood sample. It binds to Calcium (Ca2+) and preservs the blood cells for test analyses. Blood collection tube is used together with blood collection needle and holder to collect blood.

The K2 EDTA additives preserve erythrocytes, leucocytes and thrombocytes up to 24 hours. Moreover, K2 EDTA does not affect the count or the size of the leukocytes and keep erythrocyte invariable and EDTA tubes can be used in direct sampling analyzers without actually being opened.

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