Blood DNA Extraction Kit-TBDK-50

Blood DNA Extraction Kit-TBDK-50

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Brand: Transiom Genomics

Catalog No.: TBDK-50

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Product Description

Blood DNA Extraction Kit-TBDK-50 is supplied by Transiom Genomics. The Transiom Blood gDNA kit is a fast, simple technique for preparation of purified and intact DNA from blood. It combines the advantages of silica binding with a microspin format. The reversible nucleic acid-binding properties of the matrix, along with the speed and versatility of spin column technology facilitates high quality yield of gDNA with the OD260/OD 280 ratio of 1.8-2.0. Purified DNA, thus obtained, can be subjected to PCR, restriction digestion, hybridization and other techniques. Transiom Blood DNA Extraction kit or DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid preparation of genomic DNA from whole blood. This kit is used for any type of blood sample. This kit contains:

• Buffer TBL -30ml

• Buffer TW -15ml

• Buffer TW I -10ml

• Elution buffer -10ml

• Proteinase K -20mg

• TransPure Column -50

• Collection tubes -50

• User manual -1


Transiom™ Blood gDNA Kit uses a simple four-step method, which consists of effectively disrupting or homogenizing the starting material to release the DNA, then binding DNA to the TransPure™ Binding Column followed by removing impurities with wash solution and finally eluting purified DNA.