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Brand: U R Biocoction

Catalog No.: BRM

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Product Description

Blood roller mixers are product supplied by URBIOCOCTION. Blood roller mixers are commonly used in research and clinical laboratories. They are primarily used for blood sample processing. The mixers are used to constantly agitate a blood sample by giving a rocking motion. This ensures proper mixing of blood samples and prevents clotting. The blood roller mixers from URBIOCOCTION have the following features:

- The outer body of the instrument is made of powder-coated MS.

- 4 rolls of PVC Rods are fitted into the instrument to ensure smooth operation.

- The roller provides variable rolling speeds from 10-30 RPM. User may change the speed according to requirement.

Product specifications:

Product name: Blood roller mixer


Catalogue number: BRM

Dimensions of the PVC Rolling rods –  320 mm

Power supply – 220-230V, 50 – 60 Hz