Breath Hydrogen Generator -ATH-300B

Breath Hydrogen Generator -ATH-300B

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Brand: Athena Technology

Catalog No.: ATH-300B

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Product Description

Breath Hydrogen Generator is supplied by Athena Technology. The hydrogen gas generator is able to give pump the purest form of breathable molecular hydrogen antioxidants.It helps in  rejuvenating and improving all eleven bodily systems, including the emotional health by selectively removing the harmful disease-causing free radicals. Overall it improves the cellular function and health of every single organ in our body.

Product Specifications:

• Automation Grade: Automatic

• Capacity : 500ml/min

• Power: 200W

• Purity: 99.999%

• Weight: 8 kgs

• Display: LED

• Frequency: 50Hzs

• Output Flow: 500ml/min

• Gas Type: Hydrogen Oxygen

Health benefits:

• Removes heavy metals and synthetic chemical toxins from the blood, lungs and brain structure

• Neutralizes hormone disrupting xenoestrogens

• Balances the overall metabolism

• Helps burn excess fat

• Balances and Improves the entire Endocrine System, including the Thyroid Gland Function

• Enhances athletic performance by reducing lactic acid and Increasing Energy

• Normalizes blood sugar






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