Brucella  Agar Base

Brucella Agar Base

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High grade Brucella Agar Base is supplied by Micromaster. It is available in the form of a cream to yellow homogenous free flowing powder which has a pH in the range of 6.8 to 7.2. Once opened, it should be properly stored, after tightly capping the bottle. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the product, there could be chances of lump formation which can be avoided by proper storage. Store in dry ventilated area protected from extremes of temperature and sources of ignition. 

• Quantity provided: 100 g/pack

Brucella Agar Base with supplement is recommended for enrichment, isolation and cultivation of Brucella  or Campylobacter  species from clinical and nonclinical specimens. Brucella species are highly fastidious and therefore require a nutrient rich medium to be able to grow. Brucella Agar Base is used for the isolation and cultivation of Brucella species. Brucella Medium is a modified medium formulated to support growth of fastidious bacteria like Brucella, streptococci, pneumococci, Listeria, Neisseria meningitides and Haemophilus influenzae. Tryptone and peptone provide nitrogen and carbon source, long chain amino acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Yeast extract serves as a source of vitamin B complex, and nitrogenous nutrients. Sodium bisulphite is a reducing agent and sodium chloride helps to maintain the osmotic equilibrium of the medium. Dextrose serves as an energy source.


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