Burette Automatic Zero Class A, 50 ml

Burette Automatic Zero Class A, 50 ml

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Product Description

Burette Automatic Zero Class A With Individual Certificate, 50x0.1 Supertek brand burettes are manufactured from Low-expansion Boro 3.3 glass in conformance with ASTM E-438 TYPE 1 CLASS A glass and DIN ISO 3585. Each Pc. is calibrated to deliver (Ex/TD) at + 27 C reference temperature in controlled environment. Tolerances in volume conform to DIN ISO 385. & IS 1997 the calibration also takes into account surface adhesion effects. Precision Bore tubing is used for all Class A burettes. Burettes are available with Individual certificate, which can be downloaded from supertekglassware.com Individual certificate is also provided with the product. *Equivalent to Borosil- 2153012

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