Calcium oxide, 95%,5kg

Calcium oxide, 95%,5kg

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Calcium oxide is supplied by Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd. Calcium oxide is defined as an inorganic chemical compound abundantly used as a component of glass and porcelain on industrial scale. Calcium oxide is an odorless compound. Since calcium oxide is a strong irritant it is used in the manufacturing of fertilizers, as well as insecticides. On the agricultural sector, calcium oxide is used as a liming agent that treats soil acidity.
Product Specifications:
1.Product name: Calcium oxide.
2.Item Code: ASC1737.
3.Brand: Avra Synthesis Pvt. Ltd.
4.Appearance: White to off-white solid.
5.Physical State: Solid.
6.Molecular formula: CaOH.
7.Molecular weight: 56.08.
8.CAS: 1305-78-8.
9.Pack Size: 5 kg.
10.Boiling point: 2,850 C.
11.Melting point: 2,572 C .
12.Solubility: The product soluble in dilute HCl.
13.Grade: Reagent grade.
14.Flash Point: MERCK : 13,1691.
15.Risk (R) data: 34.
16.Safety (S) data: 26-365/37/39-45.
17.Density: 3.38.
18.Refractive Index: RI : 1.83.
19.Loss on ignition: NMT 5.00 %.
20.Assay by titration(w/w%): NLT 95.00%.
21.Storage: Store the product at room temperature.
22.Synonyms: quicklime; calcined lime; unslaked lime; fluxing lime; calcarea; calcia; burnt lime; lime; calx; linden.

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