Cefixime- CFM-5mcg

Cefixime- CFM-5mcg

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Brand: Micromaster

Catalog No.: AS050

Quantity/Unit: 100 discs/Vial

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Product Description

Lactose Monohydrate is a product by Micromaster. Lactose is a sugar consisting of glucose and galactose. It is a disaccharide, which is naturally part of milk. In the pharmaceutical industry, lactose monohydrate is used as a filler. Due to its sweet taste and excellent filler properties, it is incorporated into tablets. In biochemical laboratories, lactose monohydrate can be used for the preparation of several chemicals, stocks, reagents, etc. 


Product name: Lactose Monohydrate

Brand: Micromaster

Molecular formula: C12H24O12

Molecular mass: 360.312 g/mol

Density: 1.525 g/mL

Colour: White

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