CHEMFAST CLASSIC - Total exhaust fume cupboards

CHEMFAST CLASSIC - Total exhaust fume cupboards

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Brand: FASTER S.r.l.


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Product Description

ChemFAST Classic are total exhaust chemical fume cupboards working at Constant Air Volume technology (CAV). The inflow velocity can be adjusted from 0,3 to 0,7 m/sec, both during the installation and ordinary maintenance; this feature makes it possible to choose the safest velocities for the removal of contaminants. ChemFAST Classic complies with the requirements of the EN 14175 part 1, 2, 3 "Machinery Directive 2006/42/ CE" standards designed to guarantee operator and environmental safety with a ventilation outside the building without internal recirculation.

Technical Specifications:

Antibacterial coating: Dupont ™ ALESTA® anti-bacterial is able to prevent microbial contamination of surfaces inhibiting in that way the long-term growth of surface contamination. Compartments under the hood. It is possible to install safety storage cabinets under the hood, since the central space is not taken up by something else, or you can opt for a different solution and have classic or vented cabinets with wheels that are easy to open and close. Electrical, hydraulic and gas utilities are concentrated on one shoulder of the hood. The electric utilities can be placed inside the hood, as we offer IP66 plug-in sockets, increasing the capacity from 4 sockets to 8 sockets (4 internal and 4 external). Up to 8 controls or alternatively 4 pressure reducers can be installed. Automatic safety fittings for gas and vacuum and standard electrical sockets in each model and for each size. Internal and external IP 66 protection.

Lighting: the positioning and sizing of the side safety windows provide the highest level of brightness to the work area and create an ideal lighting system.

FILTRATIONS (Optional) ChemFAST Classic hoods do not have filters as standard, but can be supplied with external filtering groups downstream of the ducted system. The filters provided can be charcoal or HEPA depending on the type of application that is carried out inside the hood. Extract fan. (optional)

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