Chemokine-Like Receptor 1 Blocking Peptide-10326

Chemokine-Like Receptor 1 Blocking Peptide-10326

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Chemokine-Like Receptor 1 (CMKLR1) is a G protein-coupled receptor relevant to the cellular chemotaxis of dendritic cells and macrophages.1 This receptor is also expressed in brain, liver, lung, and kidney tissues.1,2 Chemerin (TIG2) has been identified as the natural ligand for this receptor.3 Resolvin E1 has also been identified as a ligand for CMKLR1; acting to dampen cellular responses to inflammation.1,4,5 Chemerin is an 18 kDa protein that plays a role in immunity, inflammation, chemotaxis, and has been identified as an adipokine.2,6,7 Human CMKLR1 shares 80% sequence homology with its murine ortholog.3 The human receptor exists in two isoforms, differing only by two amino acids due to a premature stop codon. Isoform one has 363 amino acids and an expected molecular weight of 42.3 kDa. Caymans CMKLR1 polyclonal antibody recognizes the C-terminal region of the protein and cell permeabilization is recommended prior to whole cell staining.